Lemonade Stand

By Larry Guessfeld

A simple lemonade stand, nothing more then a table, a chair, a cold pitcher of lemonade, some cups, and a girl with a passion. Either fresh squeezed or from a powder, it doesn’t matter the way you make it; it’s all delicious and goes to a good cause.DSC_0660On Sunday, August 29, 2016, two young girls named Savannah and Hayden – with a passion to help those that help others when they need them most – started a lemonade stand. They were a family with its roots in the thin blue line, who were looking to support other families of First Responders.IMG_3334With numerous customers in the first hours, there were visits from the O’Fallon Fire Fighters, Saint Charles County Ambulance District, and the area’s Police Departments. IMG_3347In total, these dedicated girls raised $618.53 all of which was donated to Responder Rescue, a support ground for our first responders.

What’s Up St. Chuck would like to congratulate these girls on a job well done, and thank them for supporting our Men and Women who put their lives on the line daily to protect us all, no matter where they may be.IMG_3360

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